IoTaWatt, Inc is a US company. Units are manufactured and shipped from New Hampshire. We use UPS exclusively now as the post-office does not provide useful pickup services for small-businesses in our area. We try to ship orders within 48 hours of receipt, typically orders received after noon EST are shipped the next business day. UPS does not pick up on Saturday.

Duties and Taxes

IoTaWatt does not collect destination duties or taxes. We have enough experience with our own imports to appreciate how complex that can be. Destination postal services have infrastructure in place to collect whatever is due. We include the appropriate customs declarations with each international shipment. Each country has their own methods and procedures for notification and collection. It’s up to the individual recipient to contact their local postal service with the tracking number if there is a suspected delay or lost notification.

Similarly, UPS will typically contact the recipient while the shipment is in transport. It’s important to monitor the email address supplied with the order and to provide a working phone number.