IoTaWatt, Inc is a US company. Units are manufactured and shipped from New Hampshire. We use the various services of the United States Postal Service, Asendia, and UPS. The applicable options for your country will appear in the checkout.

We try to ship orders within 24 hours of receipt, typically orders received after noon EST are shipped the next business day. UPS does not pick up on Saturday.


Shipping within the 50 US states, Puerto Rico and USVI is available with USPS Priority Mail or UPS. Various service levels and rates will be offered during checkout.


For our northern neighbor favorable rates are available. We offer a flat-rate of $25 for packages up to 4 lbs. USPS First-Class International is used and the package typically arrives by Canada Post within 1-2 weeks. Where you don’t see that offered in checkout, the weight exceeds 4 lbs.

USPS International Priority is available as well and is price competitive with UPS. Anecdotal reports indicate reduced fees over UPS as well.

UPS expedited and express are available at checkout and take as little as 2- 3 days, especially to eastern provinces. UPS will collect customs and taxes directly and willnickel and dime you with fees (more like fiver and tenner). It’s very opaque. I’d disclose the expected fees if I knew what they are.



The magic number with international shipping is 4 lbs (1.8kg). Above that rates increase dramatically. As such, we offer low flat rates below 4 lbs and $400. Sometimes it may be advantageous to break up a larger order into two smaller orders.

Economy shipping is now with Asendia. With this service we send the package to Asendia via Priority Mail. They aggregate and deliver the packages to partner in the destination country who then make the final delivery. It can take as little as 2 weeks or as much as 8-10 weeks.


UPS is the gold standard for on-time delivery. It is price competitive with USPS Priority and consistently meets their advertised delivery. Typical delivery is less than a week worldwide. Choose between expedited or somewhat faster express.

Duties and Taxes

IoTaWatt does not collect destination duties or taxes. We have enough experience with our own imports to appreciate how complex that can be. Destination postal services have infrastructure in place to collect whatever is due. We include the appropriate customs declarations with each international shipment. Each country has their own methods and procedures for notification and collection. It’s up to the individual recipient to contact their local postal service with the tracking number if there is a suspected delay or lost notification.

Similarly, UPS will typically contact the recipient while the shipment is in transport. It’s important to monitor the email address supplied with the order and to provide a working phone number.