Open Hardware/Software WiFi Energy Monitor.  Quality manufactured in USA, safety certified, and pre-loaded with latest firmware.

IoTaWatt monitors up to 14 circuits and can be accessed from phones, tablets and computers, locally or via the internet.  Retain data for years and also upload to several popular cloud services.

ECS16100 100A CTs are back in stock

CT Six-Pack

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Please Exercise Caution

IoTaWatt is a low-voltage device and has been tested to conform to established safety standards.  Nevertheless, it is used to measure high-voltage electric circuits. Installation of the passive current-transformers that are used to do this can involve a serious, potentially fatal shock hazard.  There are no shortcuts to safety.  Installation of current transformers inside electrical equipment, or anyplace that exposed high-voltage wiring may be present, should be performed by a qualified electrician.  Any instruction or guidance as to installation, placement, or configuration of the current transformers is intended to inform a qualified installer.