Collection: Current Transformers

Current Transformers (CTs) are used to passively measure the power used by a circuit.  They are clamped around one conductor of the circuit to be measured (split-core) or a conductor is passed through a fixed hole in the CT (solid-core).  CTs are rated for their maximum current measurement capability.  IoTaWatt is software configurable for all of the CTs sold in this store, and also for many others that are commonly available.

IoTaWatt, Inc. uses Echun CTs.  All models, except if noted, are either UL Listed or UL Recognized and have been listed for use with the IoTaWatt device sold here in the US, Canada.  They are also CE compliant for use in Europe and other jurisdictions where those approvals are recognized.

Unless stated otherwise, all of the CTs listed here have TVS diodes to prevent damage if temporarily unplugged while connected to an active circuit.  CTs should be removed from the primary circuit or shorted if disconnected for long periods.

More information on about what CTs to add can be found here, or see the IoTaWatt Git for more information on other configurable models.

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