IoTaWatt, Inc is a US company. The units are manufactured and shipped from it’s northeast location in scenic New Hampshire. We use the various services of the United States Postal Service, which in our opinion maintain the most reliable and economical network for this scale of business.


Shipping within the 50 US states is free for orders of $100 or more. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail with service from 1-3 days depending on distance and time-of-week. For orders less than $100, or those preferring to use Priority Mail Express, we charge the USPS retail rate with no additional fees.


For our northern neighbor better rates are generally available than other international destinations. We offer a flat-rate of $10 for packages up to 4 lbs. Where you don’t see that offered in checkout, the weight exceeds 4 lbs. The charges for larger packages go up rapidly, so consider breaking up heavier orders to save on postage.

Packages are transferred to Canada Post by USPS and are typically delivered within 7-10 days. We don’t have insight into the taxes and duties that may be imposed by each province, so but Canada Post may delay delivery as they collect those fees.


Worldwide, the USPS maintains relationships with the national postal service in many destination countries and we accept orders from those countries. Orders are sent out using a commercial equivalent of First Class International. The official time frame is 1-3 weeks. We typically see orders delivered to the destination country within 3-5 business days and local delivery in another 3-5 business days. All orders have tracking numbers, however the details supplied by individual destination countries varies greatly, and see “Duties and Taxes” below.

The magic number with international shipping is 4 lbs (1.8kg). Rates increase dramatically after that, while service remains the same. As such, we offer low flat rates below 4 lbs. Sometimes it may be advantageous to break up a larger order into two smaller orders. The shipping calculator in the shopping cart is helpful in making that decision.

0-2 lbs – $15 US
2-4 lbs – $25 US

Duties and Taxes

IoTaWatt does not collect destination duties or taxes. We have enough experience with our own imports to appreciate how complex that can be. Destination postal services have infrastructure in place to collect whatever is due. We include the appropriate customs declarations with each international shipment. Each country has their own methods and procedures for notification and collection. It’s up to the individual recipient to contact their local postal service with the tracking number if there is a suspected delay or lost notification.