IoTaWatt kits are available from the following dealers:

Smart Guys Australia (Australia)

These smart guys have been selling home automation products for a while and have been selling IoTaWatt for more than a year. They are located in Australia but will ship worldwide. Current status is in stock and shipping.

Kermtstroomt (Belgium)

This dealer has been buying and installing IoTaWatt in and around Belgium for some time and have now opened a web-store. At present shipping throughout Western Europe.

CircuitIQ (Canada)

This electrical tool supplier is offering base units with CTs, power supplies and VTs coming soon. Check with them for availability. Shipment to the US is available.

IoTaWatt, Inc. (USA)

Currently offering complete 120V kit and add-on components for shipment to USA and Canada.

Currently out of 120V kits. Estimated availability is mid-July.

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Showing the single result