IoTaWatt is a very versatile tool. It can be configured for any power system, voltage or frequency – single or three-phase. That’s why it’s in use in dozens of countries on four continents. Selecting the appropriate bundle below makes it easy to start with the right basic components for your application and to build on it for additional monitoring.

Many other monitors offer a “solar” option. You won’t see that here because any of these bundles can monitor solar by just adding a CT to the inverter. For up to 12kW that’s usually a 50A split-core CT for $7.65. Same for monitoring EV charging or any other load.

The IoTaWatt base unit is made in the USA. It’s ETL certified to UL standards, FCC part B compliant, and also CE marked. All of the power supplies and AC transformers are UL Listed. The current transformers are UL or ETL recognized components that conform to the base unit listing specifications.

Announcing Pandemic Shutdown

In keeping with the worldwide effort to slow the pandemic, the store is shutting down until further notice. Continuing to inject non-critical packages into the global distribution system while the spread of the virus continues to accelerate and validate dire predictions can’t be justified. Business will resume once the peak has passed and a semblance of normalcy returns. Forum support should be unaffected.

My admiration and respect to the millions on the front lines doing the dangerous and unselfish work to sustain us through this epic event.

Sorry, the store is closed due to the global pandemic.