IoTaWatt Generic Kit

From: $149.00

The a-la-carte Kit includes:

  • IoTaWatt V5 Base Unit

Optional Components:

  • USB power supply (90V-270V plug-type C)
  • Mains Current Transformers
  • 100A Current Transformers
  • 50A Current Transformers

NOT included:

  • AC Reference Transformer. IoTaWatt can be used with virtually any power system worldwide, 50Hz-60Hz, any voltage, single-phase, three-phase and various other esoteric formats.  Adaptation to the local voltage is accomplished by using an external transformer to provide a reference.  The North American kit includes such a transformer for 120V, but worldwide the voltage and local plug type vary.  Use this Generic Kit outside of North America (120V countries) and source the necessary transformer from one of the suppliers listed in the Alternative Power Supplies and VTs section.
  • USB Power Supply. You can add the optional plug-type C to this kit, or you can source one locally with your plug type.  Output should be 5V micro-USB and 1 Watt.  Phone chargers are not recommended.  A low-ripple switching power supply is inexpensive and works best.