IoTaWatt 230V Kit

From: $162.55

For 230V single phase service typically found in Europe, Asia and Africa. Add current transformers for main and branch circuits.

Included Components:

  • IoTaWatt V5 Base Unit
  • USB Power Supply (230V )
  • AC Reference Transformer (230V)

Optional Components:

  • Add additional 100A Current Transformers (1 shown in product picture)
  • Add Additional 50A Current Transformers



The included basic components do not include any CTs.  Add optional current transformers to monitor main and branch circuits.

  • Solar inverter
  • EV charger
  • HVAC
  • Mini-split and other Heat Pumps
  • Water Heater
  • Well Pump
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Stove/Oven