European Bundle (230V)

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Everything needed to monitor 230V single-phase European service. Add two mains CTs to monitor three-phase. Easily extended to monitor up to 14 circuits including solar.  More details in description below.



Easily installed with snap-around current sensor for the main, a wall plug AC reference transformer, and a wall plug USB power supply.  Connects to home WiFi with an integrated local web-server.  Browser based configuration using phone, tablet or computer.  Display and export data using integrated visualization tools. Uploads data to popular cloud services including PVoutput, Emoncms and influxDB.

  • Add an ECS10-50 CT to the bundle to monitor solar inverter up to 12kW.
  • Add up to 12 additional CTs to monitor individual circuits.
  • Open hardware with open source firmware.
  • Can be used with three-phase power systems.
  • Stores high resolution usage data for more than 10 years.
  • All connections plug and jack.
  • ETL certified to UL standards, FCC and CE.
  • Less than half the cost of well funded highly advertised alternatives.

Bundle includes:

  • IoTaWatt Base
  • USB Power Supply
  • AC Reference Transformer
  • 1 – ECS12-100 100A CT


  • additional ECS16-100 CTs
  • additional ECS10-50 CTs
  • additional ECOL09 CTs

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

3 reviews for European Bundle (230V)

  1. PATRICE FIEVRE (verified owner)

    This is really good energy monitor, much better than I expected.
    Easy to install, easy to configure and affordable.

    I live in France and use it with a Raspberry Pi3/HDD/InfluxDB & Grafana to store and vue datas.

    The reported error in less than 0,9% on a day, in comparison with real data of energy supplier.

    Thank you Bob

  2. Franck

    This is an outstanding little device that has no equivalent on the market in terms of features / price ratio. I use it to monitor appliances and solar production in a three phase household in France, and coupled with an emonBase over WiFi it has performed flawlessly!

  3. Tobias

    Support is absolutely great. My unit was broken and was replaced after we found out it was a hardware issue.

    I use all 14 channels to log power consumption of my house in Switzerland (incl. a groundwater heat pump). Works perfect.

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