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From: $139.00

Single-phase or three-phase.  Pictures representative of possible configurations. Customize your bundle by selecting individual components. See description below for additional information.

Pictures representative of available products, not actual order.  Default includes base unit.  Add CTs appropriate to individual needs.

Covid-19 – Shipping Advisory.  USPS Shipping from the USA to Australia and New Zealand has been improving.  With a couple of exceptions, recent packages are delivered in about 2 weeks.  That could change with the latest worldwide wave of Covid-19, but so far there is no evidence of that. Australia is now coming into summer, so if it tracks as the northern hemisphere, may skirt this wave.

IoTaWatt Standard Base V5

Integrated Wall Mount
Allows direct-reference three-phase


In stock (can be backordered)

AccuCT 100A x 16mm split-core

Use for 100A mains, branch-panels, and high-load appliances.
Up to 100 Amps
Opening .63" (16mm)

$16.00 $11.20 each

In stock

AccuCT 50A x 10mm split-core

Monitor Branch Circuits and Solar Inverters to 12kW
50 Amp
Opening 0.4″ (10mm)

$12.00 $8.40 each

In stock



IoTaWatt is very popular down-under because of it’s robust three-phase capabilities and ability to upload to PVoutput.  But there are challenges to making it economically viable.  The voltage transformers are heavy and expensive with a unique plug type.  Shipping from China to the USA and back down to Australia is not only expensive, it leaves a huge carbon footprint. This problem exists in other areas as well where the local plug standard is different as in the UK.

Fortunately, there are local sources for these and a few early users provided samples that were calibrated and added to the tables.  You can order these items locally and use them with the same confidence as the Euro plug VT sold here.  While you’re at it, you should order a native plug micro-usb power supply. Note, please report any broken links.

UPDATE: Radio Parts has apparently changed supplier for their 9VAC transformer.  While the replacement is probably suitable, we would need a sample to measure calibration and phase-shift in order to recommend and add to the IoTaWatt supported device table.

Country Merchant 9VAC USB Power
Australia Radio Parts N/A N/A
Australia Jaycar MP3027 MP3544
New Zealand Jaycar MP3027 MP3544
UK Farnell 77DB-06-09 T6090DV

Basic bundle includes:

  • IoTaWatt Base


  • additional 100A CTs (split-core)
  • additional 50A CTs (split core)
  • additional 50A CTs (solid-core)


  • The basic bundle weighs less than 2 lbs and ships for flat-rate $15.  If optional components increase the weight beyond 2 lbs, shipping increases to $25 flat-rate up to 4 lbs.  USPS shipping is available for heavier packages or for faster service.  See shipping.

2 reviews for Aussie Bundle (230V)

  1. Tai (verified owner)

    IoTaWatt is exactly what you need to monitor all your solar production, self consumption, and total site consumption. I’ve also used commercial systems like Solar Analytics which have a *little* more polish, and claim to offer “analytics”, but are a bit light on detail and non-responsive to support and feature requests.

    The IoTaWatt can monitor 14 (!) circuits in one affordable device with easy to install CT clamps, with no ongoing subscription fees, integration with the excellent PVoutput and EmonCMS (open energy monitor), as well as locally storing 10 years worth of high resolution data.

    It appears to be more accurate than the more than twice as expensive Solar Analytics in my testing so far, and has allowed me to monitor grid import/export, TWO solar inverters and ALL 9 of my sub-circuits, where I had to combine several circuits with Solar Analytics and still couldn’t monitor them all.

    IoTaWatt also has a *really* real-time (1 second refresh) live view of your entire system, while Solar Analytics only offers 5s updates after you enable their “live monitor” which automatically shuts off after 15 minutes, and normally only show and only keep data at 1 minute intervals.

    With IoTaWatt you can also create virtual “outputs” with a calculator like interface, for example to combine multiple circuits and report their sum as one value, or calculate “total consumption” as `grid import + solar generation – grid export`, or report unmeasured/misc consumption as `total_consumption – sub_circuit_1 – sub_circuit_2` etc.

    The built in graphs are pretty good, and very high resolution. I’ve been able to recreate the helpful “energy balance” graph from my Fronius inverter, but now it applies to my whole site (including an old non-“smart” inverter). But you can also export to PVoutput (which is great), and EmonCMS (which I haven’t used yet but looks good) and InfluxDB (which I also haven’t used yet, but looks nice and specifically geared towards time series data).

    The support provided by the developer (and just take a look at the forum for yourself) has been top notch, and way beyond the commercial support I received at Solar Analytics.

    I’m glad this is an open source / hardware project, and that I am in control of my data (stored locally and exported to cloud platforms under accounts that I control) and not at the mercy of a company who might one day go bust and with them all my data may be gone.

    If you want to know what’s causing a high electricity bill, and how much solar you’re generating, using and exporting, then IoTaWatt combined with PVoutput (which you can configure with tariffs and supply charges, and can record local temperature and can compare system performance against estimates to calculate your ROI on solar), just get this. You won’t regret it.

  2. Kevin

    I live in Perth, Western Australia and have had one unit attached to my home since May 2018 monitoring Total Consumption and Consumption on every circuit in the house, PV Generation, Grid Import and Net Consumption/Generation. In addition to the built in iotawatt graphs and usage info which is good enough for most, for more advanced users you might want to setup to track individual circuits from anywhere, it provides a dashboard on your phone. I also use to share and view online overall energy consumption, generation reports, etc.
    Fantastic little system, far better than any commercial offering at a fraction of the price – upfront and ongoing. If for any reason it goes offline, when it starts up it has always resync’d data with emoncms and pvoutput. Only con is it takes a little effort and know how to get it installed and setup. As always do your own research to make sure it meets your specific needs.

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