Universal Bundle

From: $139.00

This bundle includes a base unit and all of the various CTs and VTs included in other bundles.  Use it to configure a custom package that may not be possible otherwise.  Note that this bundle requires the base unit.

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Product Quantity

IoTaWatt Standard Base V5

Integrated Wall Mount
Allows direct-reference three-phase


In stock


USB Power Supply (US Plug)

Powers Base Unit. US Plug


In stock

USB Power Supply (Euro Plug)

Powers Base Unit - Euro Plug


In stock

9V AC Reference Transformer 120V US Plug

Voltage Reference Transformer
120VAC to 9VAC


In stock

9V AC Reference Transformer 230V Euro Plug

Voltage Reference Transformer
230VAC to 9VAC


In stock

AccuCT 400A x 36mm split-core

Monitors Industrial Mains
Up to 400 Amps
Opening 1.38" (36mm)

$36.00 each

In stock

Current Transformer 200A x 25mm clamp-on

  • Use for Mains
  • Maximum 200 Amps
  • Opening 25mm
$20.30 each

In stock

AccuCT 200A x 25mm split-core

Monitors Mains
Up to 200 Amps
Opening 1" (25mm)

$18.20 each

In stock

AccuCT 100A x 16mm split-core

Use for 100A mains, branch-panels, and high-load appliances.
Up to 100 Amps
Opening .63" (16mm)

$11.20 each

In stock

AccuCT 50A x 10mm split-core

Monitor Branch Circuits and Solar Inverters to 12kW
50 Amp
Opening 0.4″ (10mm)

$8.40 each

In stock



Bundle any components with a base unit to build a custom system not otherwise available with the other bundles.


  • IoTaWatt base unit


  • Various CTs and VTs as listed



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