The IoTaWatt Project

IoTaWatt is an open-source, open hardware project to produce an accurate, inexpensive and easy to use energy monitor.  The concept is to make it "any-to-any".  That is, any current transformers, any power supply, any voltage, any frequency, upload to any energy software, while keeping the installation and use dead simple.

It can function as a standalone home energy monitor with the capability to store and serve up to 15 years (or more) of comprehensive usage data.  At the same time it can upload data to any and all of several (and counting) web based database and reporting systems.

The hardware is tested and certified to UL standards in the US and Canada, is CE compliant, and FCC compliant.

Metrics accumulated are Voltage, Power, Energy, VA, and PF.  While not certified to any standard, users typically report accuracy within 1% of their revenue meters.

With over 1,000 units sold worldwide over the past year, it's just now starting to get the attention of energy professionals.

The software project is not commercial, however it was necessary to establish a legal entity (IoTaWatt, Inc.) in order to manufacture quantities, import accessories, obtain safety and regulatory approvals, and secure liability insurance, and of course to sell worldwide.  The result is that there is an investment in that infrastructure that needs to be recovered.

The unit is manufactured in the USA.


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