The IoTaWatt Project

The IoTaWatt mission is to lower the monetary and technical barriers to managing electricity consumption.  It is primarily a free open-source software project to produce a low-cost, easy to use electric power monitor. The project is the non-commercial effort of the creator, and the source is open and free to the public and available on Github.

The stuff offered here is a separate effort to make a suitable hardware platform available that runs the software.  IoTaWatt, Inc was formed as a commercial entity to develop a business infrastructure, manufacturing resources, supply chains, and this eCommerce site to make the hardware available. The hardware sold here is safety certified for the USA, Canada, and EU by one or more National Testing Laboratories and certified compliant with FCC and CE requirements.  The IoTaWatt is manufactured in New Hampshire.

The hardware sold here is created from the project's open specifications, and the schematics as well as the PCB build files are published on the Github site.  There is a subculture of enthusiasts that have built and maintain their own IoTaWatt using those resources.

Although there have been very few problems with the hardware offering,  support for both software and hardware is available on an open forum.  Most of the inquiries deal with installation and use, for which there is  documentation available in a WiKi on the GitHub site.

This is not an off-the-shelf commodity device.  It can be very simply and easily used to monitor home power, but is also powerful enough to monitor and provide insight in industrial three-phase settings.  The adaptability of the technology is evidenced by it's current deployment throughout the world in both 120V and 230V countries, at 50Hz or 60Hz, and in single, split and three-phase environments.

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