Collection: IoTaWatt Base Unit

Each IoTaWatt installation consists of an IoTaWatt Base Unit with USB power supply, voltage reference transformer, and up to 14 current transformers to measure individual circuits.

The IoTaWatt Base Unit is not voltage or frequency specific, but the power supply and AC reference transformer must be appropriate for the local power system.  We are working to source these items for 230V Euro plug.  The USB power supply and AC adapter sold here are for 120V USA plug.

We will ship to select other countries with other power systems, but users must source their own USB power supply (same as raspberry pi), and AC adapter (available from open energy monitor).

A complete IoTaWatt with various voltage and plug options is available through Open Energy Monitor, an UK authorized reseller.  Their selection of CTs is different however, and is not compatible with our product safety certifications and so does not carry the ETL mark or FCC compliance certification.  OEM maintains their own portfolio of CE compliance.

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