As an open software/hardware project, IoTaWatt is both a free open software collaboration and a commercial endeavor. The software creator continues to develop and improve the software (and hardware) as a personal pursuit, while maintaining IoTaWatt, Inc. to make available hardware that can put the software to practical use. There is also a community of DIY enthusiasts who have built their own units from the schematics available on Github.

Thousands of units have been sold worldwide and are in use in dozens of countries across four continents. While many are in use as residential whole house energy monitors, there is a growing base of energy professionals deploying it to commercial and industrial settings. The influxDB/grafana capabilities are particularly suited to large scale monitoring of multiple geographically dispersed sites

The hardware is professionally manufactured in an ISO9001 contract facility in New Hampshire, USA. The base units are ETL safety certified to UL standards. Compliance to FCC part B requirements and CE EMI and low voltage testing has also been done. All of the accessories sold here are either UL Listed or Recognized or NRTL equivalent.

The project is active and ongoing and has continuously improved over the past two years. Installed units can be configured to keep pace with new developments by automatically downloading new firmware as it becomes available. Full documentation is available online and there is an active user community forum.